So many stories, so little time …

Sometimes other responsibilities get in the way of what a writer wants to do, write. The words fly about my head, catching them can be tough.  A phrase here, a fragment there, my little paper notebook with scribbles on the pages.  Keep it handy, keep it close. I'm laughing at the moment because instead of … Continue reading So many stories, so little time …

Divine Hunger

Divine Hunger The fascination between two people that carries them away. Surrounding them and letting them into the soul of another. Yearnings and desires for that affinity. Pleasure, longings and intimate touches. Caresses here and there, that's the way. Those secret spots that push them into the frenzy. The divine hunger reaching through, all the … Continue reading Divine Hunger


Shower Quentin had a restless night, the hotel room was sterile and cold and he was feeling a bit lonely.  His text conversation earlier that morning with Lucy had taken place while he was still in bed.  He was having some scintillating thoughts about her.  Sexy thoughts about where she was and what she was … Continue reading Shower

Infinite Touch

Infinite Touch Her body was electric. Every caress taking her to loftier heights. Fingers slipping and sliding. Slick and smooth between the folds. Her sweet bud humming and wanting. Tapping gently, rubbing more. Teasing and dancing through the coming of the bliss. Ipsation taking her to delight. The spasms of pleasure hitting. The shaking and … Continue reading Infinite Touch

Harem ~ Part 4

Harem ~ Part 4 Introduction:  A series about a young woman, who we now know as Judith, placed in a sultan's harem in an exotic, far off land. Judith's gaze wandered as she let her hands slide down to her chest.  Covering her breasts and crossing her legs, she was reliving the memories of last … Continue reading Harem ~ Part 4